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Google Orders

Add more orders to your channel by unlocking this feature.

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Using Smart Order with Google Integration is a great idea, but why?

We help you get started with Google quickly and easily. Deliver a hassle-free ordering process to your customers within hours. Smart Orders takes care of all customer service concerns related to delivery and takeout.

Boost your restaurant’s visibility and grow your customer base.

By accepting orders via Google, you can enrich your customer’s experience and increase brand visibility at the same time. Together, these features can open up new opportunities and boost sales.

The online food marketplace is already filled with people searching for food. Take advantage of these opportunities and turn these people into potential customers.

With Google Orders, you can make these searches work for you and turn them into orders.

Provide tracking and order updates for takeout or delivery.

Offer your customers the option of picking it up in-store, curbside, or having it delivered right to their door. Furthermore, you can save even more money by leveraging Smart Orders’ delivery logistics and automated dispatching.

With a few taps, customers can find, place orders, and repeat orders from you on Google.

Within seconds, your guests can reorder their favorites. Providing your customers with convenience is the key to success.

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Free 15 Days Trial

An ideal option for multi-location restaurants.

Smart Orders allows your customers to order from the closest restaurant to them via Google. For each location, you can modify store hours, items on the menu, deals, specials, and more.

  • Receive orders online & place orders online
  • A direct order-to-delivery process with Google
  • Don’t pay high third-party fees for online orders anymore. Take direct online orders today.

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