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Create your menu the smart way

Increase 20% efficiency with Smart Ordering and Quick Checkout, plus save time and generate 30% more tips.

Our POS integration makes it easy to connect tablets to POS systems, allowing customers to place orders directly at their tables or from their hotel rooms.

Consumers will receive a Smart menu by scanning QR codes displayed at hotels and restaurants.

Scanning the code allows customers to access the menu on their mobile devices, increasing efficiency by 20% and saving 15 minutes per customer.

Doesn’t Require Tablets, Kiosks, Downloads – Simply Put, It’s Hassle-Free.

Smart Orders is a POS solution that helps you streamline order and payment processing.

Using our tablet or QR code, Smart Orders is compatible with all food ordering apps, making it easy for you to order your favorite foods!

Visibility on Google Search and Maps – Order Online

With the integration of Google Food ordering with POS, you can take orders directly from Google search results. One of the options is “Order Takeaway”.

Google will provide you with a value-added option at no additional cost, allowing your customers to place orders on your website.

Smart Orders Smart Checkout

Introducing Foodie – the quick way to place their order at their favorite restaurant.

Integrated with leading POS and payment systems, Smart Orders speeds up table turnover, collects more tips, and reduces labor costs.

Smart Orders Delivery & Collection Menu with No Hidden Cost

Great news! You can now take online delivery and pick-up orders commission-free, even if you don’t have your own website.

Think Smart About Your Restaurant’s Needs

Using our cloud-based restaurant POS system, your customers can conveniently scan QR codes and place orders online using multiple payment methods.

Using a POS system and QR menu by Smart Orders, your restaurant or hotel will maximize revenue, build loyalty, and improve order management efficiency.

Your restaurant’s data and confidential information are protected from cyber threats with Smart Orders’ end-to-end encryption and cutting-edge technology.

Smart Orders But WHY?

  • Speedup & Raise Table Turnover
  • Raise Ticket Size
  • Generate More Tips
  • Real-Time Data
  • Decisions with Smart Analysis
  • Single Click Update
  • Reduce Human Errors
  • Increased Staff Efficiency
  • Less Maintenance Cost

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